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My brand audit service is a comprehensive assessment and analysis of a company's brand identity, strategy, and overall presence in the market. It involves a detailed examination of various brand elements, such as visual identity (logos, design, and aesthetics), messaging (taglines, content, and communication strategies), and customer perception.

Complete Brand Audit | $45

I turn your raw footage into a polished masterpiece. Whether you're a content creator, business professional, or aspiring filmmaker, my video editing services offer a seamless blend of creativity and technical expertise. This service is for videos up to 10 minutes long.

Video Editing Services | $85

My e-book services provide a hassle-free solution for individuals and businesses looking to transform their ideas into captivating digital books! Tailored to meet your specific needs! I offer a collaborative approach, allowing you to share your vision, key information, or even a rough draft, ensuring that the final product reflects your unique style and objectives.

Custom E-Book Design | $75

Transform your raw footage into a captivating narrative that leaves a lasting impression! I'll edit a 2-minute or less Tiktok/Instagram Reel video that showcases your best moments, ensuring a seamless blend of creativity and professionalism.

Make a lasting impression with professionally crafted business cards that reflect your brand's essence and leave a memorable mark on anyone you meet. I take pride in delivering top-tier business card design services that not only represent your business but also help you stand out in a competitive market!

Professional Business Card Design | $54

Upgrade your Instagram game with a Custom Reusable IG Story Template!

Maintain a consistent, professional look for your Stories effortlessly. Created with your audience, mission and brand colors

in mind!

Custom Reusable IG Story Template | 12


7 Days of Instagram Content | $150

Don't have time to create content for Instagram? Transform your social media game with my expert Content Creation Services! Elevate your brand's digital presence and engage your audience like never before. I will curate stunning visuals (photos and reels) and tailor content to your unique brand identity. Let's make your vision a reality!!

Youtube Thumbnail Creation | $25

Elevate your YouTube presence with custom thumbnail designs tailored to attract clicks and captivate audiences! My Thumbnail Creation Service offers expertly crafted visuals that amplify the appeal of your content, driving engagement and boosting views. Stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression with thumbnails that compel viewers to hit that play button!

Mentorship Video Call | $75

Our 9-to-5 friends don't always understand our journey. Make me your Entrepreneur Bestie for 45-mins! Get the business feedback

and like-minded energy that you NEED.

I'll also answer ANY questions that you have about things that I'm knowledgable about.

Mentorship Video Call

Launch It! E-Book

Business Plan Template

The Roadmap 3.0 w/ MRR

The Ultimate Canva DIY Guide

Business Brainstorm Worksheet

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