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Monique Dee is a seasoned marketing and web design professional with a rich background spanning over a decade in the dynamic realms of radio and television. With her keen eye for design and strategic marketing prowess, Monique has left an indelible mark on the industry, elevating brands and amplifying their reach across various platforms.


Throughout her career, Monique has crafted compelling content that has graced some of the most prominent channels in entertainment, including MTV and VH1. Her creative contributions have not only adorned the screens of millions but have also resonated with diverse audiences, earning her recognition and acclaim.


Beyond traditional media, Monique's work has made waves in the digital landscape, being featured on platforms such as April Mason, XO Necole, and This is 50. Her collaborations extend to powerhouse brands like Nike, where her innovative marketing strategies have helped shape their online presence and engage consumers in meaningful ways.

In addition to her commercial endeavors, Monique is deeply committed to using her talents for social good. She has lent her expertise to impactful initiatives such as iHeartRadio, Kaepernick7, and Know Your Rights Camp, leveraging her skills to amplify voices and drive positive change.


With an impressive portfolio and a passion for innovation, Monique Dee continues to redefine the intersection of marketing, design, and media, leaving an indelible imprint on every project she touches.

Digital Marketer & Web Designer

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