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As if we needed any more reasons to love Viola Davis, news outlets this week confirmed that she’s giving us one more incentive to add to the books.

After years of grabbing our hearts and stress levels with her performance on ‘How To Get Away With Murder’, Viola is preparing to stir our minds and hearts by giving us true crime with her new television series ‘Two Sides of the Truth.’ The upcoming series will dissect the different perspectives of police brutality and “will focus on four high profile cases that have been watershed moments for law enforcement and the Black community.”

The history making actress and producer is using her production company, JuVee Productions, to create a series that focuses on police brutality. Viola Davis will serve as the executive producer of the series, which will air on TV One, alongside Lemuel Plummer, Julius Tennon, Andrew T. Wang, and Jason L. Tolbert.

In the official press release, Viola Davis broke down the overall inspiration and mission behind the upcoming series. “Every other week we hear about these horrific incidences and many of them go unsolved and unresolved. We hope that this show can take those headlines and humanize them,” said Davis. “We want to give an unbiased approach to digging into what really happened on those fateful days and in doing so, hopefully shed some light and bring some awareness to such an important issue,” said Tennon.

While there is still no set date for the new series, it comes with perfect timing and is sure to make a visual impact on the black community and beyond, considering how unfortunately relevant police brutality is in today’s world.

I think it’s safe to say that with the lack of celebrities willing to use their platforms as vessels of empowerment, this is incredible. Viola Davis can do no wrong.