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This website was designed simply to promote the dreams of fellow entrepreneurs who aspire to inspire others with their gifts.

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  • Monique Enabled My Story To Come To Life!
    Monique Enabled My Story To Come To Life!
    She was very accommodating in terms of managing my schedule and hers, the article was done in a timely manner with such flair! I am beyond excited about her words. Thanks again Ms. Monique Dee! - Ameniki (@TrinidadMogulista)
  • Professional & Fast!
    Professional & Fast!
    Working with Monique has been an absolute pleasure from start to finish, she is an absolute breath of fresh air. Her professionalism and writing services are second to none, with a process so seamless you hardly realise how quickly everything is coming together. If you are considering working with Monique in any capacity, I recommend her without reservation. - Fi Mathewson (@fimathewson)
  • I love the ARTICLE!!
    I love the ARTICLE!!
    Awesome, beautifully written. Gural you make me want to hire myself! - MizT (@comedianmizt)
  • Obsessed!
    Her narrative voice does not cease to entertain on all platforms and we were lucky enough to be her next written subject. Reading Monique Dee’s feature on this brand was a blessed experience in itself; I suppose you can say it was a needed dosage of confidence I needed to continue hiking this uphill slope to what you can call “my empire.” - ChiChai (@empireintheair)
  • Amazing Service!
    Amazing Service!
    Monique is a passionate and detailed writer. With her social media experience, she is able to market your brand and capture the audiences attention. I'm so grateful for her vision to want, to help recognize, and promote entrepreneurs! Thanks to her PROEXIST has increased in sales! - Lorraine (@proexist)
  • A Very Satisfied Customer!
    A Very Satisfied Customer!
    I was very impressed with Monique's Writing Skills! Her Attention to detail is impeccable & her use of descriptive words is very impressive. I really appreciate the article she wrote about me!! - Natasha (@tashcollection)


Please send a brief description of your new business, product, or talent along with a link or details on where your business/services can be located online. Monique and her team have created package deals to offer services she used to help build large brands and personalities that are now on even larger platforms. Her staff will sort through emails and if you are a good fit, you will be sent a price sheet with the package rates.


And again, don’t forget to send a link to your website or work that you want featured in the contact form.

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