Born and raised in the Bay Area, you can consider Monique Dee to be an outspoken young woman who loves music, and to inspire others to dream freely. She became intrigued by writing and entertainment around nine years old. Growing up, she always had a hard time expressing herself, until she fell in love with words specifically — The way you could form some things so perfectly in letters on paper, far better than you could aloud. “It was like I had finally found a way to express myself that wasn’t so intimidating at that age,” she says, “and ever since then, I haven’t stopped.”

Years later, she landed a job at Clear Channel Communications, now known as iHeartMedia Inc., where she wore several hats in different departments, but still found time to blog for the radio stations, focusing on celebrity gossip and lifestyle stories.

In late 2014, after becoming drained by writing about celebrities day in and day out, she began to pursue her dreams of starting her own personal blog focused around the latest music and supporting entrepreneurs from all walks of life, determined to create their own income. Prior to this, Monique had experienced the pains and struggle of trying to hold on to your dreams, even while having a stable job. “I’ve just always wanted to be that help for someone else that I never got as an entrepreneur.” She admits, “I know how it feels to want to give up, but no one should ever make it a priority to work for someone else forever. If that’s what you believe in, that’s fine. Do what makes you happy. My parents just always taught me to dream bigger. And I can’t do that working for someone else for the rest of my life.”

As her blog numbers continued to soar, Monique Dee continued to support her fellow entrepreneurs. After an unexpected break caused by health issues, she took a break from her blog segment showcasing entrepreneurs, entitled ‘Own Your Own.’ The break lasted much longer than expected, but her passion for the segment wouldn’t allow it to go away completely. So after months of rebranding and millions of viewers on her website, she decided to relaunch the segment with even more features to benefit the entrepreneur.

Aside from running her own website, she is now a content creator for MTV and Hot97’s own, Nessa, and Yandy Smith’s website Everything Girls Love. Monique also plays a leading role in Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp.

Monique Dee prides herself in being a lover of love, old school music, dancing, and having fun. But more importantly, expressing herself through every creative avenue that she embarks on, while encouraging others along the way. And from the looks of it, she isn’t stopping any time soon.