Saying age ain’t nothing but a number in this case would be an understatement. 18-year-old Jayla Darden is blowing a lot of seasoned artists of the water with her new single, Think About Us. Singing about her love interest, she fearlessly expresses her feelings towards him, while questioning if he feels the same way about her. As her smooth voice meshes perfectly with the catchy beat, Darden makes it clear that this newcomer is about to make big moves in the industry. Not only that, but Jayla is proving quickly that she has far more to offer that just a beautiful voice.

Think About Us is Jayla’s first single that’s been publicly released since she dropped her debut EP 118 on her 18th birthday, January 18, 2016. The six-track creative was written by the teen newbie, and serves 90’s feels all throughout the playlist. It’s safe to say that she’s just getting started, and what a great way to get things going! Can’t wait to see what else she has in store for listeners.

Check out her new single, ‘Think About Us’ below and if you love it, be sure to download/listen to her new EP, 118.


Losing without ya’

I can’t help myself from thinking about ya’

And I know you feel the same

Something that I’ve been wanting to say

Don’t you think about us, baby???

I’ve been thinking about, thinking about us baby

I’ve been thinking about us

I could be wrong, but it could be love

Don’t you think about us, baby???



Update: Monday, March 30th, 2016 – Check out the official video for Think About Us below.