1. Pumping your mascara-I always thought that pumping the mascara would get rid of clumps but what I didn’t know is that it dries your mascara out quickly due to all of the air going into the tube. Just simply twist it out of the tube.
  2. Only buying Expensive makeup.In the world of makeup, the “you get what you pay for” rule does not apply; there are some excellent inexpensive products for you to choose from. Do not limit yourself due to the price of the product, and don’t cheat yourself buying a crappy high end product!
  3. Matching your foundation to your wrist– No! Your wrist is more than likely not the same color as your face so you should be matching your foundation to your neck. Using your jaw line to match your foundation is your best bet for getting an accurate match.
  4. Skipping the inner corners – I used to do this all the time and I despise it! It is pretty common to miss the inner corners of your lips while applying a lipstick. To avoid this, use a thin lip brush to apply lipstick to the corners.
  5. Using concealer to cover dark circles before applying makeup–the better course of action would be to color correct with a peach or salmon color beforehand and use concealer on top of the foundation.
  6. Not giving your moisturizer/primer enough time to dry-Before applying your foundation give your moisturizer/primer about a minute to absorb into your skin to avoid a blotchy application and thinning out of your foundation.
  7. Applying too much setting powder-Piling on the setting powder will make your skin look cakey and dry and it can clog your pores. I know people with only skin like to try to tame the oil with powder but I suggest a good setting spray geared at oily skin like Skindinavia Oil Control Makeup Finishing Spray or urban decay de-slick.
  8. Wearing water proof mascara every day- water proof mascara is great for when you need it , but using it every day and having to remove it daily  takes a toll on your lashes and can leave them weak and dried out.
  9. Using expired makeup-That’s right folks! Makeup expires! We all have a problem letting go sometimes but be mindful of the expiration dates on your makeup, especially when it comes to eye makeup like mascara and eye pencils.
  10. Applying false lashes to quickly– When I first started applying strip lashes it was a fail every single time! What I eventually learned is that I was not letting the glue get tacky enough before trying to stick the lash and it would just slide everywhere. Always give your glue about 20 seconds to get tacky.

Most of these things are learned by trial and error. If you don’t believe me you should see some of my makeup photos from 2010! I learn new things every day. I’d like to hear some of you beauty mishaps that you’ve learned from.


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-Jes Johnson

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