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Listen: Kanye West Releases Remix to Beyonce's 'Drunk in Love'


If you've ever had any questions about Kim and Kanye's sex life… I'm pretty sure this post will answer all of them!

Kanye West dropped his version of Beyonce's Drunk In Love over Valentine's Day weekend, and if you thought surfboards, watermelon, bathtubs and "good good" we're enough to make you peak over your shoulders to make sure your parents weren't catching on to what Bey was saying, then you may want to rethink listening to Yeezy's version!

In the remix, Kanye West gives play by play details of how talented Kim Kardashian is in the bedroom. He shines the light on her most gifted areas and makes sure that every listener ends the song knowing what position Kim plays on the field. If you catch my drift. 

I'm… Speechless! LOL a disclaimer is needed with this one. 18+ ONLY