Nicki Minaj posts "the worst twerking video EVER" according to critics

With her new look and new attitude, Nicki Minaj has been getting all the love in the world! Up until today at least. LOL Nicki Minaj uploaded a twerking video to her Instagram as a teaser for her upcoming album. In the video, Nicki can be seen bent over and dancing to her new music! According to fans however, the moves that Nicki Minaj was doing shouldn't be considered twerking. Check it out below

After Nicki Minaj posted the first video, her fans and Twitter followers lost it! Even though Twitter had mixed emotions about it, the views of her followers were pretty much the same.

An hour after the first video was posted, and critics began to weigh in, Nicki Minaj posted ANOTHER twerking video. But this time, along with the video, she added a caption, insisting that it's wasn't her twerking in the video. 

|This aint me. It's a friend of mine 😂

So I guess the question now is, is this really her twerking??? In the second video you can see the girls face and it looks like Nicki. Not to mention… THAT A*S! LOL so yes, I believe it's her… But why did she lie about it??? I don't think it was THAT BAD. She 100% wasn't twerking, but whatever she was doing was still nice to look at! 

Main image via instagram