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Watch: [PREMIERE] Basketball Wives Season 3, Episode 1 + Draya goes in via Twitter

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The premiere of VH1's Basketball Wives LA aired last night, and has had Twitter on a roll ever since! I'm going to keep my comments to myself about these ladies until episode two next week, but I WILL give my first impressions of these ladies:

  • Sundy - I'm still stuck on the fact that she may or may not have put her own daughter's dirty pics on BLAST! What woman does that?! 
  • Brandi - I like her so far! Even though some of girls were trying to make it seem like she was being messy, let's be real -- She was asking questions that they all were thinking! LOL, duh.
  • Brittish - Pretty, but seems like she'll be the one to cause t he most drama. How do you criticize someone for asking personal questions, and then follow up by asking one of the other lady if they're a hoe?! That's dumb. She'll definitely be the one with the unnecessary smart remarks, in hopes to get famous off of sounding stupid. Not to mention her being okay with her man cheating as long as she doesn't know, and he's sneaky about it. SMH… She's pretty though.
  • Ariane - She's seems bitter and too far stuck in the past. The type to create her own baby mama drama.
  • Jackie - Still suffering from the same issues as last season: A struggle event planner for another event, and her kids still hate her. LOL, oh Jackie...
  • Malaysia - #TeamMalaysia! Always loved her always will.
  • Draya - #TeamDraya! She held her ground in this episode! Regardless of her come up, she came up, and so did her money. People change, some people don't get that. #Respect #TheyMad

i guess I didn't keep my comments to myself, did I??? LOL check out the full episode below.

Click the play button in the bottom left corner, NOT the one in the middle of the video. Apologies for all the ads. They're from the video, not my site.

And in case you're wondering what made Draya flip out on Twitter last night, check out the first 5 minutes of the interview below!

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